About Us

Theimmigrantguru is a consultant that helps a student, professional or nonprofessional migrate abroad for career advancement. Your consultant will aid you in getting the necessary information in making a smooth and smart migration into a country of choice. Here we specialise in migration to Canada, UK and United States of America. But first and foremost your consultants will give you advice and help you find schools or jobs that will help a long way in making your transition process into a foreign land seamless.

Our goal is to ensure that you get adequate advice, information and coaching in moving abroad.

As a student, I spent money and wasted time due to lack of knowledge or help. People will advise you to go into health care but how and where to study the courses for less was not included. Here we promise to save you time and money and work with your interest and goals in mind.

If you have unrealistic expectations or realistic goals be sure to be ready for candid advice and instructions.
Determination is key and the road will be rough ahead but we promise to make it seamless as possible. Save you money and time but most importantly based on your efforts achieve a bright future – so get you sunglasses ready.