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Well today, we decided to talk about Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) via edX. edX is a nonprofit organization that provides MOOC education. It hosts online university-level courses in various disciplines to a worldwide student body; some courses are free and others ranging from $99 – $400 per course. Micromasters programs cost more with ranges from $300 and above.  Other MOOC providers are Coursera and Udacity although these are for-profit organizations.  Unlike other university learning environment source such as “Blackboard Inc.”; EdX runs on the free Open edX open-source software platform.

Some of the Top Universities with edX courses

Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created edX in May 2012. As of 29 December 2016, edX has around 10 million students taking more than 1,270 courses online.  EdX offers certificates for successful completion and some coursed are credit-eligible (meaning they may be used for college credit towards a degree). To take courses on edX for free (no cost) you have to register for the course having the option to audit the course. To get a verified certificate for the course you will need to pay a fee and keep in mind you have an option to change to a get a certificate towards the end of the course.

Worldwide users

EdX is utilized for research into learning and distance education by collecting learners’ clicks and analyzing the data, also collecting demographic data from each registrant.

We might not be necessarily interested in the research work but we are definitely interested in the course offerings and the endless possibilities for students around the world to gain an education at no cost or minimal cost compared to a college degree.

My tip will be for the last year secondary or high school student during a gap year or summer break to register for the free prerequisite courses with Harvard and bag a certificate. This can be done while pursuing admission into a university. One might be lucky and your school will accept the credit earned towards your educational program.

Yale offers free online courses via their Open Course Programs and Harvard in addition to the edX platform offer online programs both free and charged via the Harvard Extension School – admission into this program is relatively easy. So work towards improving your grades, your application or yourself



I personally take courses on the edX platform and encourage clients to do so on various occasions. For more information on how to register or find out which course is right for you – contact us today for more information.


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