This service includes an initial consultation by telephone or skype to establish exactly what is required then school research, visa required, accommodation, followed by eg. Advice on place availability, interviews, exams, weighting up merits of comparable schools.

  • Which school is best for your child or self? This service will help you find the best school for your budget and career.

This service is best for parents or students planning to spend less and find the best school that can aid in advancing their future in meeting career goals. Sometimes its not about the name it is about your effort – and if you don’t have a huge budget then you need this service.

The fee for Classic Service is 850 GBP [Currently 750 GBP]. This covers seven and a half hours of one-to-one consultation, individualised research, report, feedback and follow-up after school visits, offers etc. We can advise you on all aspects of application and help with everything you may need in order to find the  best school or career choice for your child.

A good outcome is what matters to me – as to you. Its possible we exceed the time allocated for this service. If your requirements change you will be charged for additional research and consultation at 90GBP per hour.