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Professionals looking to take their career to the next level or seek for higher pay in other countries are able to utilize these services to greener pasture. Keep in mind that it will take determination, sacrifice and an open mind when pursuing career advancement in our countries.

You will deal with accents, attitude and even racism of some level. However, if you have a positive energy and optimistic about your future. Then a greener pasture is ideal.

We offer three (3) services to this class:


This is just an informational meeting to get to know the consultant and address core issues such as understanding how lucrative your profession is in other countries and If its worth taking the risk moving to a new environment for you and your family. Also if you profession is in the list. The most seek after skills are Nursing, Medical Doctor’s, Pharmacist, Engineers and IT professionals… READ MORE


This service is for clients who know what they want and just need further help with research, paper work getting the right lawyers if needed to assist and visa type including job search as needed.
NB: Medical Doctors will have to take licensing examination before job placements can be made… READ MORE