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We offer different services to suit all University students, families, professionals and non-professionals. Whether you are relocating as student or working class individual, we can help and support you in making the right choice for your education or/and career. Below are our services. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

In addition to our services, we may suggest an assessment. This can serve various purposes but principally:

  • To help you judge how your child would fare on standardized tests
  • To help your consultant judge the type of school which will best suit you or your child.

NB. Assessment come with a fee with our partners

Which university?

How to prepare? How to apply? How to get in? How to fund?

Interested in studying abroad? Unsure about admissions processes? Need guidance and advice?

Choosing the right course at the perfect university is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll ever make. Don’t leave it to chance; enlist the first-class, tailor-made help of University Advice.

Whether you are just starting your sixth form studies or you are already laden with impressive results, whether you are starting from scratch or deciding between two universities, our expert, highly experienced, university consultant can help you:

  • Plan the right sixth-form course for university
  • Select the right course at the right university
  • Prepare for university entry including American SATs and essay prep
  • Complete applications
  • Gain insights into campus life and extra-curricular activities
  • Look for financial aid, budget planning
  • Navigate dates and deadlines
  • Plan campus visits and prep for interviews


This consultation offers parents and students a choice of either 30 minute one-to-one conversation to help with queries or in understanding some of the basics of overseas education or 60 minutes for more complex issues  to help decide between Universities/Colleges or help for a particular knotty problem such as examination needed, education path advise, funds (personal/scholarship/grants) and career choices… READ MORE


This service includes an initial consultation by telephone or skype to establish exactly what is required then school research, visa required, accommodation, followed by eg. Advice on place availability, interviews, exams, weighting up merits of comparable schools.

  • Which school is best for your child or self? This service will help you find the best school for your budget and career… READ MORE


For clients in a hurry or multiple children, relocating at short notice, visa type, unfamiliar with school abroad and will like an accompanied school visits or visits on behalf of the clients – all liaison with schools etc… READ MORE