Sourcing for Scholarships

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Finding Scholarships

Scholarship seeking is not an easy task but one needs to be committed to the process. If you need money to achieve your career/educational goals; you need to put in the time and effort.

Today, we will just highlight key points to keep in mind when searching and how to use your resources for international students.

The power is in your hands in this seeking process. 

  • Find your desired program
  • Know your passion
  • Be ready to write essays
  • Be persistent
  • Be patient
  • Find out what is open to you

Once you have this in hand, the next step is to find scholarships to apply for. Below are some resources to check. Generally, your admissions officer is a very goods resource also in telling you what your school offers and what you can get outside of school.

If you are going for a professional program – check the professional associations to see if they have any scholarships for International Students.

What are your hobbies – find out if any of your hobbies will qualify you for a scholarship or grant recipient. The key is to find out if your hobby has a professional organization and then see if they offer scholarships to members or participants.

Right great essays that compel people to see you have the passion for your program of study. Sell yourself in this essay and be ready to write about 10 – 30 essays depending on how much you need.

Also, search within your country to see if there is any study abroad scholarship given to a citizen. For example, Dangote Foundation might be offering scholarships to students who have been accepted into the University of Essex – Available to Nigerian’s. There might be others such as these in your country of residence.

Let’s highlight scholarship search in the United States:

  • Check with your country’s embassy or a consulate here in the U.S. or with the appropriate government office back in your country to see what they offer.
  • Try the U.S. Department of Labor’s free online scholarship search.
  • Ask the college or career school you plan to attend whether they offer any aid for students like you.
  • Check out the Education USA website.

This rule follows for any desired country of interest – we have highlighted the USA as an option but it would e the same for Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, etc.

The More Scholarships the Better

So Keep Calm and Apply for Scholarships of your interest. You can be very lucky the more applications you send in the greater chance of being rewarded with at least one offer.

If you need help in finding a scholarship for your program please contact us – we would gladly assist you.

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